Our Products

What can we do for your luxury business?

We ​work with luxury venues across the USA, UK and Europe. We offer them a marketing campaign that is presented in the form of a Luxury Branded Publication, printed on the finest materials and custom-designed to showcase each individual venue. The books are fully branded and developed in line with the venue and the products and services they offer. We ensure that all elements of content within the book complement one another. 

We run the project over a two-year cycle, so we can guarantee continuity of the opportunities that the book will create. The book will be updated and republished in the second year, and the venue will continue to enjoy the many benefits of being part of a vastly expanded distribution network of affluent clients, in addition to the many other benefits that will ultimately increase brand awareness and lead to more potential sales. 

Luxury Brochures

Our Luxury Branded Publications embody and conve​y the quality of the products and services offered by the venue and are custom designed and fully illustrated throughout to represent the venue and the services or products they offer.


Our design team focus on the composition of the content to ensure that maximum potential of the project is achieved in the desired way and  manage the entire design process from start to finish.   

Advertising Partners

We carefully select ideal businesses to be included within the project that share a target client base and whose brand and image match that of the venue. Our advertising partners and venues often establish relationships that facilitate mutually-beneficial interaction. 


The campaign allows involvement to both the venue and the advertising partners in this fantastic networking opportunity. We work with venues and advertising partners to identify how they can work together in the ways that are most beneficial to both. 


We create a unique opportunity to showcase all aspects of your venue in your custom designed elegant book. Not only can you display the book at your venue and distribute the book to your past, present and potential clients, but the luxury businesses invited to be part of the project will also distribute the book both digitally and in hard copy.


Understanding the way in which luxury businesses are utilising digital marketing and online selling is essential when launching any marketing campaign. We provide venues with both exquisite hard copy books (1,000 per year) and also a fully animated digital copy of the book, allowing easy email distribution for both the venue and the advertising partners. The digital copy is also ideal for both online use and social media.

Hive Visual Units

Our Hive Visual Units are the idea solution to ensure the hygiene of your staff and customers, while also allowing you to communicate with them. Each Venue will receive a free Premium Hive Visual Unit. The Non-Touch Hand Sanitizer Dispenser gives everyone entering the workplace the ideal opportunity to sanitize their hands without any risk of germ contamination. Your Hive Visual Unit can be updated instantly to display whatever content you desire, whether it is a notice about Health and Safety requirements in your workplace such as Social Distancing, Track and Trace or face coverings, or news of upcoming events or offers. The Unit also allows you to showcase the full digital copy of your publication.

Completely free of charge to luxury venues

Carefully selected advertising partners are invited to be included who enhance the publication and share the same exclusive target market.